Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Blog - Summer Adventures


Well I finally got around to making my new blog!! I decided just to post some of the highlights of my summer and then hopefully I will be able to stay on top of the whole blogging world!!

We took our annual trip to Yellowstone!! My favorite part of Yellowstone are all the stink pots.....I love the real stinky ones.....weird I know!!

Camping at Redfish Lake is always a favorite part of my summer!

This year I decided to run my first half marathon! Sometimes while I was training I tried to talk myself out of it...but I made it!! The race was so much fun! I finished in just under two hours and I am definitely hooked!

This year we took a girls trip to San Diego! That's right....we left the boys home and we had a blast!!! We went to the Zoo and spent a lot of time on the beach!! I even got rescued from a rip current by a handsome young lifeguard!! I never wanted to come home.....but it had to come to an end....sadly

Slot canyons are on my list of absolute very favorite things to do!! It is the whole package...hiking, repelling, swimming (sometimes in stinky, rodent infested water), and never ending adventure!! I am lucky to have a sister and brother in law that are willing to let me come along on these adventures with them! This year we did Echo canyon and Red Cave!
**You can click on images to see a larger view!

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